6 Ways To Look Better In Photos

We love Pinterest. We found this article on Pinterest and had to share it with you. This is from http://www.listotic.com. She gives the reader awesome short ideas on how to enhance the way you stand in photos. We are always encouraging our clients to relax when trying a pose they may not have done before. This article will help you understand why we ask you to put your hand on your hip or to slightly bend your front leg. We really like how she breaks it down and explains why this makes you look great in photographs. Please feel free to pass on these awesome tips to friends and family when taking pictures. We hope this helps you in your next Photo session.

1.The Slimming Stance

How you stand can instantly add or subtract 10+ pounds. If you stand with your hips shoulder width apart, your weight on your back foot, and your front leg slightly bent, you’ll create an instant slimming effect! For more before & after pictures like this, hop on over to Kate Pease Photography.


2. Don’t Square Your Body

It makes sense. Standing straight into the camera can make you look frumpy. Standing at a 3/4 turn or even with your body to the side is much more flattering, especially if you’re with a group of people; it cuts your size in almost half. Go visit Rebecca Danzenbaker Photography for a lot more tips like this!


3. Forehead Forward, Chin Down

If there is anything you can do to be more photogenic, do this!! Even if you don’t have a double chin to hide, it accentuates your jaw line. It is also suggested that you squint your eyes slightly. Hop on over to Lifehacker for more information, including a video.


4. Arms Out

You’ve seen it on the Red Carpet a million times, and celebrities have a good reason for it. Keeping your arms away from your torso gives them more definition, making them appear smaller. It will also keep you from hiding the smallest part of your waist. One hand on the hip that is closest to the camera is popular, but if you’re not comfortable with that, just keep them from hugging your torso.


5. Relax

An unnatural smile is the easiest way to ruin a picture, making you look stiff and weird. If you have trouble with this, here’s a simple trick: Put your tongue behind your upper teeth and smile. Think happy thoughts and don’t forget to breathe!


6. Face The Mirror

When in doubt, practice! Stand in front of that mirror and smile, smile, smile. Angle your face in different positions to see what flatters you the most. It may sound strange, but it works! We all have a good angle, you just have to find yours and then work with it.




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